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Prayer Request
We would love to pray with you.  If you have a prayer request you may email it to
We invite you to join our "7AM Prayer Movement" daily at 7:00AM (PST) by calling 712-770-4136 code 536586.  Please press *6 to mute your phone when you call in.


WOW International is committed to helping  
individuals become the best they can be.  We 
use our resources to connect individuals with 
job assistance, homeless issues, career
development, biblical studies, entreprenurial  
goals, mentorship programs and educational


Teaching Ministry
The teaching ministry of Words of Wisdom
International is 100% based on the Word of
God.  Messages are delivered by Spirit filled
teachers committed to being led by the Holy
Spirit.  Our goal is to help Gods people reach
their God given potential.  Our goal is to build


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